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A Month of Creativity! - April 2021 Recap

Another Awesome Month of Creativity!

Jake over at Naughtyegg_draw has been creating beautiful artwork all month long using April's Smart Art Box!  Take a look at his work this month using chalk pastels and charcoal to create vibrant images.

Each month, your Smart Art Box comes with helpful tips to get started with a new medium as well as four prompts to help you jump in!  April 2021's box included the prompts Ladybug, Umbrella, Sprout, Something you ate today.


Check out videos of him creating each of these pieces over on our Youtube Channel.

pastel drawing of a lifelike ladybug

chalk pastel drawing of a umbrella with a dark sky

cute and cartoonish blooming cactus in a white pot with a character face

realistic drawing of a cheeseburger made with soft chalk pastels

Be sure to tag us @SmartArtBox and use the hashtags #SmartArtChallenge and #SmartArtProject to share your work and enter to win 500 Peacock Points every month!

Interested in joining us every month?  Join us as a subscriber!


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    September 2021 Smart Art Box A Month of Creativity April 2021 Recap

  • Skidson

  • Skidson

    Another Awesome Month of Creativity Jake over at Naughtyegg December 2021 Smart Art Box

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