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Ten Italian Fashion Designers To Know

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – prime Milan shopping destination! Photo: Visual Hunt How could we conclude a month’s worth of blogs on Italy without talking about fashion? After pasta and espresso, isn’t it what every Italian can’t live without? Italy has produced fine fabrics, laces and other luxury products for centuries, and is still one...

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A Short History of the Fresco Part Two

Read our last Post! Part One If you received your June Smart Art Box, you are well on your way to mastering the art of the fresco! Read our last post to discover what a fresco actually is, and to learn about its history in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome! Now to continue where we...

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5 Must-See Frescos

If you’ve received your June art box, you might be in a fresco state of mind. To inspire your next project let’s look at some of the world’s most famous frescos. The majority that we’ve selected come from Italy, which we owe in part to the country’s dry climate, ideal for fresco production. And although...

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Sculptors: Here are 5 Casted Statues to Inspire you!

Do you need some inspiration before you embark on your mold making and casting project (courtesy of this month’s Smart Art Box)? Whether you’re a beginner or more seasoned artist, travel around the world and through time with us now, to discover some of the most inspiring sculptures ever made! Have you ever seen them...

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