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7 Ways to Create and Achieve Art Career Goals and Dreams

Every artist needs goals and aspirations about their future as artists. Coming up with career goals is somewhat adventurous can be rewarding in the long run. As an artist, you get an opportunity every day to delve into the deepest desires of your heart and formulate a way of bringing them to fulfilment. Whatever goals...

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7 Essential Art Supplies For Every Artist

Having the right tools at your disposal can really help you bring out the artistic vision in you. If just getting started with setting up your artistic workspace, there is a selection of tools that are going to set you at a better position of creating a new piece of art. Here are the seven...

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The Origin of Surrealism

Back in time, there were things that came around and changed people’s perspectives. Surrealism is one such thing, which was nothing but an art movement that emerged from the fall of Dadaism. Just about the same period when artists started to move out to other factions of Dadaism, at the start of 1924, Surrealism was...

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The Rise and Fall of Dadaism

Dadaism, also simply known as Dada, refers to a cultural movement mainly in the visual art sector and literature that erupted after the World War I. it also encompassed graphic design and theatre performance. Actually, Dadaism was a movement that protested against barbaric treatments that resulted from World War I as well as what the...

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Top 5 Must Visit Destinations on Your to-do List

Life list professionals (these beings exist) always advise people to try avoid more disappointments for themselves by setting too many goals to be accomplished. It’s kind of true because, what’s the last time you ever gone through your entire to-do list? With an entire globe to choose from and very little time, the “so much...

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