April 2018 - Hand Lettering

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Hand Lettering

Get inspired by this booming art form and discover your style of hand lettering. Work in combination with the TomBow lettering tools and the Yasutomo watercolors, to create your own hand lettering work of art!

    Long strokes downward reveal more Lettering!

    Featured MediumTOMBOW DUAL BRUSH PENS 2PCS Tombow Dual Brush Pens have two tips — a flexible brush tip and a fine-point, hard nylon tip. Both tips are fed from the same ink reservoir, ensuring exact color match. Tombow's odorless waterbased inks blend to create any color desired. The flexible nylon fiber brush tip can achieve fine, medium, or bold brush strokes simply by changing the pressure on the point. The resilient tip springs back to hold its shape, stroke after stroke. The hard nylon tip creates consistent lines, tight drawings, borders, copy markings, fine lettering, and more.
    Featured MediumTOMBOW FUDENOSUKE CALLIGRAPHY PEN Create extra-fine, fine, or medium strokes by just a change in brush pressure. This set of two Fudenosuke Brush Pens gives artists two tips, soft and hard, for creating different writing styles. Great for calligraphy and drawing, Fudenosuke Brush Pens contain waterbased, pigmented, odorless black ink.
    Featured MediumTOMBOW MONO TWIN PERMANENT MARKER Permanent Black Marker featuring two tips; fine and broad. Two tips are great for drawing, lettering and getting a variety of line widths. Long lasting marker gives a very black, solid line. The ink is smear proof and can be colored overtop with Dual Brush pens instantly, even on very absorbent paper. Tips stay fresh and firm and do not “mush” down.
    Featured MediumTOMBOW MONO DRAWING PENCIL 4H The Mono Drawing pencil offers superior extra-refined, high density graphite. Smear proof lines help produce crisp, clean drawings with the added value of slow wear for smooth, dense writing.
    Featured MediumTOMBOW MONO ERASER The Mono Eraser is a soft plastic eraser that removes marks cleanly with little pressure and no paper damage. Great for school or art. Protective paper sleeve with rounded corner edges keeps from damaging eraser during use.
    Featured BrushPRINCETON SNAP! GOLD TAKLON BRUSH ROUND 4Fun, but not frivolous, Snap! brushes from Princeton Artist Brush Co. are high-quality artist tools. Designed from the neck down, their colorful handles feature unique, multi-colored designs that make these brushes true stand-outs. A great series of short handle brushes for watercolorists, decorative painters, and acrylic artists in a wide variety of brush shapes and sizes. Offering a wide variety of brush shapes and sizes made to appeal to your creative spirit.
    Featured CanvasHAHNEMUHLE HAND LETTERING PAD 8”X5” Developed in collaboration with hand lettering artists, the paper in Hahnemühle Hand Lettering Pads forms the basis for outstanding lettering. Brush pens, fine-tip markers, calligraphy pens, fountain pens, and pencils glide across this highly smooth paper. Its brilliant white, bleedproof surface has perfect absorption and drying for brush, fine-tip, and felt tip pens.Hahnemühle Hand Lettering Pads hold 25 sheets of 80 lb (170 gsm) paper.
    Featured Medium Add-onYASUTOMO NIJI WATERCOLOR SETThese quality watercolors are non-toxic, blendable and consistent in color and performance. This 12-color set includes white, vermillion, yellow ochre, chrome light green, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, carmine, burnt sienna, lemon yellow, viridian, burnt umber and black in 6 ml tubes.

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