January 2018 - Colored Pencil

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Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are an exciting, unique medium that are capable of creating rich, vivid colors and captivating drawings that look like paintings. Although often overlooked as a professional medium, colored pencils allow artists an incredible amount of control over the application, resulting in highly detailed and realistic pieces. This month we challenge you to take on the meticulous art of colored pencils!

    Let the color lead the way!

    Featured MediumBRUYNZEEL EXPRESSION COLORED PENCIL SET 12PCSBruynzeel Expression is a range of adult intermediate pencils, designed to be high quality, with light cedar casings, liquid wax binder at a very good value. Attractive packaging graphics are also a nod to their Dutch heritage, as all Bruynzeel's products are made to meet the stringent Dutch quality requirements. Each pencil features a strong, extra thick 3.3mm core and double-glued bodies for added break resistance and is manufactured from quality pigments for your desired color transfer. These thicker cores and high-quality pigments within the leads provide a much higher color transfer than conventional pencils, ensuring bright and vibrant colors, perfect for all your drawing needs.
    Featured BlenderFINETEC BLENDING PENCILThis unique colorless blender pencil blends colors without lightening them, resulting in rich tones that do not create a milky appearance over dark colors. Use this pencil to burnish your colored pencil work, and create smooth blends of color that will allow your colored pencil to look like paint.
    Featured SharpenerCOLOR-COMBI COLORED PENCIL SHARPENERDesigned for sharpening colored pencils, this double-hole plastic sharpener features one hole that makes a rounded-off pencil tip and the other makes a straight tip. It also contains a canister to catch shavings.
    Featured ToolsFABER-CASTELL PERFECTION ERASER PENCIL WITH BRUSHIdeal for precision erasing, Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencils are ideal for erasing a variety of media. Every Perfection Eraser Pencil is latex-free, with an eraser core encased in a wood barrel. The pencils can be sharpened in a standard pencil sharpener and are PVC-free and phthalate-free. Contains a hard, white eraser for precise erasing of ink, India ink, and ballpoint pen. A brush on the opposite end sweeps away eraser residue.
    Featured CanvasFABRIANO VENEZIA SKETCHBOOKA true example of fine art Italian bookbinding, Fabriano Venezia Art Books are an upscale European sketchbook/journal perfect for writing, drawing, and even light water media. Fabriano Venezia Art Books feature heavyweight Fabriano Accademia acid-free white fine art drawing paper with a very alluring texture. The stylish cover print recalls the Venetian mosaic pattern from the Piazza San Marco, and the Ingres flyleaf print displays Fabriano watermarks from over the centuries.

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