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July 2019 - Glass Painting

Featured in July 2019

Glass Art Painting

This month we challenge you to create your very own faux stained glass art piece! Use the Wet Media Dura-Lar sheets to get started, and when you are ready, show off your skills on the glass jar provided!

    Paint down for Glass Art fun!

    Featured MediumMARABU GlasArt PAINT 15mL (7 BOTTLES)~ Retail $2.99 eachGlas Art Paint is a highly pigmented, vivid and transparent solvent-based paint designed for glass, ceramic and plastic. Glas Art is also suitable for use on metal and other nonporous surfaces. Glas Art is not dishwasher safe. Glas Art should be applied using soft natural fiber brushes, and cleans up with mineral spirits.
    Featured MediumMARABU RELIEF PASTE BLACK ~ Retail $4.99Relief Paste is a water based, high viscosity paint which is applied from a tube with a fine line tip. This can be used to outline designs in relief on glass, metal, plastic and other nonporous surfaces. Relief paste can be used on nonporous and semi-porous surfaces such as glass, plexiglas, metal, ceramic, vinyl, and polypropylene. After 3 days Relief Paste is dishwasher safe or can be baked in the oven at 320F for 30 mins.
    Featured MediumMARABU PORCELAIN & GLASS PAINT MARKER 0.8MM TIP- WHITE ~ Retail $5.99This high-gloss porcelain and glass paint marker is ideal for painting porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, plexiglas and much more. The pump system is filled with highly-pigmented, water-based ink in vivid colors.
    Featured ToolGRUMBACHER ACADEMY WATERCOLOR BRUSH- ROUND 4 ~ Retail $9.90These uniquely blended synthetic brushes are designed to offer sable-like performance. The brush heads are formed from polyester filaments in two different thicknesses and colors. The thicker white and thinner gold filaments are tapered and blended to trap watercolor and release it with a precision comparable to that of natural hair bristles. All are constructed with nickel ferrules and chip-resistant blue lacquered handles.
    Featured CanvasWET MEDIA DURA-LAR 8”x5” - 10 PACK Retail ~ $12.00Dura-Lar is more economical yet more dimensionally stable than wet media acetate. It is generally more flexible and less brittle than acetate but otherwise has very similar characteristics. It is for use with inks, watercolors, acrylics, etc. The surface is reusable and can be washed gently with mild soap.
    Add-On CanvasBONUS ITEM! TALL 8OZ CLEAR GLASS JARThis 8oz clear jar features straight sides, relatively square shoulders and base, which make it ideal for full wrap labels or silk prints. Glass has high clarity, can be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, has an extremely high resistance to heat and cold, and is lead free.
    Add-On MediumBONUS ITEM! MONA LISA ODORLESS PAINT THINNER ½ OZA mild, colorless solvent designed for use with all types of oil paint, varnishes and enamels. It can be used for reducing artists tube paints, for brush cleaning and degreasing and as an accessory cleaner. Odorless paint thinner is especially welcomed by the chemical-sensitive artist.

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