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March 2021 Smart Art Box

Featured in March 2021

Impasto Oil Paints

Impasto, an Italian word meaning dough or paste, is a painting technique in which thick layers of paint are applied onto a canvas, most often with a palette knife rather than a traditional paintbrush.  Many times when artists use this technique, they mix the paint directly on the canvas to achieve their desired color compositions.  When dry, impasto creates a textured, almost three dimensional painting, that appears to be coming out of the canvas.


Talens Art Creation Oil Color Paints - 24 Set

Featured Medium TALENS ART CREATION OIL COLOR PAINTS - 24 SET - Retail $22.95

This set features versatile oil paints made of pigments and vegetable oil providing intense color.  They can be painted both in thin and very thick layers.  The paint dries very slowly and can be worked for an extended period of time.  Colors will not get darker or lighter when drying.  The 24-color set contains zinc white, titanium white, lemon yellow, orange, vermillion, scarlet, carmine deep, ultramarine, cobalt blue, cerulean blue phthalo, phthalo blue, Prussian blue, permanent green, emerald green, viridian, olive green, yellow orchre, raw sienna, burnt umber, raw umber, Payne's gray, and ivory black.  

Crescent Canvas Boards - 5x7 three pack

Featured Canvas CRESCENT CANVAS BOARDS 5" X 7" 3 PACK (2 PACKS INCLUDED)  - Retail $12.52 ($6.26 EACH) 

These professional-grade boards have a solid, cream colored, 100% wood cellulose core that has been upgraded from a recycled newsboard core to provide a much finer and smoother surface.  Buffered to an alkaline pH. Crescent Canvas Boards are acid-free, lignin-free, and warp-resistant.  Available in the most-requested sizes, these convenient packs contain three Crescent Canvas Boards in a clear, resealable bag that protects the boards until they're ready to use.  

5-piece assorted painting knives set

Featured Tool 5-PIECE ASSORTED PAINTING KNIFE SET  - Retail $7.99

Use these knives to mix and apply even the thickest media and manipulate texture with ease.  The springy blade practically sings as you work!  Artist palette knives are also useful for scraping and cleaning up unused paint after a painting session.  Each knife features a flexible, solvent-compatible steel blade and a solid, hardwood handle with brass ferrule.  


Featured Tool ASHLEY NATURAL BRISTLE BRUSHES ROUND 4 & FAN 6  - Retail $13.50 ($6.75 EACH) 

Ideal for artists who do a lot of scrubbing and really beat up their brushes!  Strong, sturdy, inexpensive. and made for everyday use, these all-purpose brushes are for use with oil and acrylic paint.  Thick and full-bodied, they hold a lot of paint.  Pure interlocking white Chinese hog bristle holds its shape extremely well.  Each brush has a seamless aluminum ferrule, fitted into a lacquered dark blue handle.  

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