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May 2017 ComposiMold

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Mold making and casting can often be a challenging and intimidating process. ComposiMold offers a simple and practical approach that allows you not only to try your hand at mold making, but also gives you the ability to reuse the material in order to create multiple molds! We have provided you with a simple, yet detailed object to start you on your mold making journey, but feel free to use common objects from home, jewelry, or figurines to mold and cast.

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    Featured MediumCOMPOSISTONE 1LBComposiStone is light gray in color, harder than plaster and smoother than cement. Mixes 2 1/2 powder:1 water (by volume), with a 5-10 minute working time. Use ComposiStone for lawn and shelf ornaments, sculptures, craft parts, and other general applications.
    Featured Medium Add-onCOMPOSIMOLD ORIGINAL 6OZWhen melted this molding material is 100% reusable. Many casts can be made using the same mold. It is a great material for artists who want to learn and become more involved in sculpting, modeling and mold making without the worry of mistakes or wasting material. This flexible, rubbery thermoplastic is great for small mold parts that require a stiffer mold making material. It is compatible with many different casting materials including clays, plaster, cement, epoxy, polyurethane and many others.
    Featured Medium Add-onCRAFTER’S ACRYLIC PAINT BLACKThis non-toxic acrylic paint is ideal for simple base coating and craft projects. Designed to brush out smoothly and evenly, it covers in one or two coats and can be intermixed. This fast-drying, permanent paint can be used for general arts and crafts, stenciling, ceramics, school projects, home decorating and decorative painting.
    Featured Medium Add-onDAZZLING METALLICS ACRYLIC COLORS 4- 2oz BOTTLESMade with finely ground metal flakes, these bright, water-based, non-toxic acrylic colors are ideal for adding metallic accents to most projects. They can be used on wood, canvas, plaster, metal, resins, ceramic bisque, papier mache, Styrofoam, paper, poster board frames, lamps, vases, figurines, candles, candle holders and fabric. Great for painting, sponging, faux finishing, and adding metallic accents to art, craft and home decor projects.
    Featured BrushPRINCETON ARTIST BRUSH CO. SELECT ARTISTE BRUSH SET 3PCSPrinceton's Select Artiste mixed-media brush sets feature a variety of assortments of brushes that work well together. Specially designed by artist Willow Wolfe, these high quality, short handled brushes are made to last. With their robin's egg blue colored handles, they will be a beautiful addition to your existing brush collection as they go above and beyond basic brush shapes and sizes.
    Featured ToolPRIMA MARKETING RESIN OWLUse this detailed resin owl to create a mold using the ComposiMold materials. Create many castings to use as a variety of decorations such as charms, ornaments, or mixed media pieces.

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