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May 2019 - Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments

Featured in May 2019

Calligraphy: Pearl-Ex Powdered Pigments

Pearl-Ex is extremely easy to use. Its incredible flexibility lends itself to a vast array of techniques. Your biggest problem may be deciding which technique to use. For this project we will be making brilliantly metallic ink and challenge you to explore the ancient craft of calligraphy!

    Doodle down for Calligraphy fun!

    Featured MediumJACQUARD PEARL EX POWDERED PIGMENTS 12PCSCreate unique metallic calligraphy ink using Pearl Ex powdered pigments! These non-toxic powdered pigments are extremely colorfast and stable and produce deep-luster metallic effects. Included are three (3) jars of Gum Arabic (2.25g) and nine (9) 3g jars of Pearl Ex in rose gold, solar gold, true blue, silver, Aztec gold, super russet, pearl white, gray lavender and pink gold.
    Featured ToolJACQUARD BAMBOO ROUND SUMI BRUSH 5/8Developed for use with ink, this brush works equally well with media of similar consistency, including Procion dye and silk paints. The pointed bristles are especially good for filling in small detailed spaces. Traditional design, Handmade, Bamboo handle and white treated hair.
    Featured ToolSPEEDBALL C STYLE PEN SETThe Speedball C Style Set includes a Speedball pen holder and six "C" style pens that are ideal for creating Roman text, italic alphabets, accented line drawings, and scrolls. Excellent for line drawing as well as calligraphy and lettering. The set also includes an instruction booklet with helpful tips on lettering and drawing methods.
    Featured CanvasSTRATHMORE ARTIST TRADING CARDS - BRISTOL SMOOTH Artist Trading Cards are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized swap events, either in person or online. The only official rule is that the trading card measures 2.5" x 3.5". This line of artist paper packs feature downsized versions of the same Strathmore papers that artists use for their full-sized art, conveniently cut to the official trading size making it easy for artists to join this large and growing movement.
    Bonus Tool½ OZ NATURAL COLORED JARS WITH LIDS 9PCSClear and easy to fill, these jars are the perfect container for mixing and storing your ink! Made of polypropylene (PP), a light-weight, durable, flexible, and highly resistant to fatigue and heat. It has a high shatter-resistance rating.

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