September 2017 - Marbling

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The art of marbling paper has been historically associated with the craft of bookbinding. Although this ancient technique was once heavily guarded, today we are lucky to have access to a system like Jacquard’s marbling dyes to explore this fantastic medium. Use this traditional technique to make your own patterned fabric, one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, greeting cards, fine art and more. Each design is as unique as a fingerprint!

    Drip down and learn how to marble!

    Featured MediumJACQUARD MARBLING DYES 0.5 OZ (BLUE, VIOLET, BLACK)Jacquard’s marbling system eliminates the guesswork that is typically associated with marbling and allows even beginners to achieve professional-quality results. All Jacquard’s Marbling Colors spread equally on the marbling size and produce the most intense colors possible. On fabric, the Marbling Colors are soft to the touch and completely washfast after heat-setting. On other porous and semi-porous surfaces, the paints have excellent adhesion.
    Featured Medium Thickening AgentMETHOCEL MARBLING MEDIUMMethocel is a synthetic thickening agent that provides a viscous surface for marbling on fabric and paper. An economical alternative to Carrageenan.
    Featured Medium Treating AgentALUM 4OZ (MORDANT)Alum is used to pre-treat fabric or paper before marbling to ensure that designs transfer clearly and hold up to the initial rinse.
    Featured Medium Control AgentSYNTHETIC GALL 0.5FL OZJacquard’s Synthetic Gall gives marblers total control of their colors and allows them to adjust how much each color spreads on the marbling surface.
    Featured ToolSPEEDBALL ELEGANT WRITER 4 PEN SETEconomical and versatile pens for lettering and calligraphy. The colors are water-based, and embossed pen caps help you to easily identify the nib width. This set includes four calligraphy markers; 2 fine, 1 medium, 1 broad.
    Featured ToolPENTEL SLICCI METALLIC SILVER .8MMCreate designer flourishes and swirls, embellish stamped images, or personalize paper, cards, labels, tags, and die-cuts with these extra-fine (0.25 mm), metal-tipped gel roller pens. The ultra-smooth ink is acid-free. The ultra-fine 0.8 mm tip produces crisp lines for journaling, crafting, and more, and the metallic ink really pops on dark papers!
    Featured CanvasEVOLON AP 168GSM 8X10 SHEETS (2)Evolon AP is the next generation of non-woven microfiber paper that absolutely loves ink! Made from pure polyester and nylon (with no additives), Evolon AP requires very limited dampening and absorbs water rapidly. It's tear-proof and lint-free — and it won't stretch on the press or expand when wet. This heavier weight synthetic paper is equivalent to a lightweight watercolor paper.

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