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September 2018 - Watercolor Pans

Featured in September 2018

Art Nouveau: Watercolor Pans

The Art Nouveau movement brought about a modern approach to the classic methods of the grand masters. Alphonse Mucha created magnificent illustrations often featuring women that burst with life with organic and ornate frames, halos of flowers and long flowing hair. This month we challenge you to create a watercolor piece inspired by Mucha’s Art Nouveau style!

    Flow down for Watercolor fun!

    Featured MediumPRANG 8-OVAL PAN WATERCOLOR SETPrang semi-moist watercolors are manufactured with choice pigments blended with specially formulated binders and dispersing agents. Sets are in sturdy hinge-lid plastic boxes and contain a #9 brush. This 8-color set includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown and black.
    Featured MediumJACK RICHESON SEMI-MOIST METALLIC OVAL WATERCOLOR PANS (2PCS- COPPER, BLUE)Highly reflective, semi-opaque, and semi-moist, these metallic colors are bright and luminous. Use them as a way to accent your artwork and add a brilliant metallic finish. Cleans up easily with water.
    Featured ToolDA VINCI NOVA SYNTHETIC BRUSH ROUND 2Many golden synthetics are glass smooth and do not hold water or color. NOVA Synthetics differ from other golden synthetics because they have small ridges along the filaments that slow down the flow of water and color off the brush. They have been specially shaped and tapered to compliment the qualities of synthetic rather than natural hair. NOVA Synthetics are high quality, durable brushes for all painting media.
    Featured ToolCARBOTHELLO PASTEL PENCIL WHITEPastel pencils for both fine and commercial artists. Their intense pigmentation provides excellent performance on thin paper and strong color gradations in application. Light-proof, non-toxic, break-resistant, blendable and partially soluble (contours will remain visible).
    Featured ToolSTABILO POINT 88 BLACK PENThis universal fineliner features non-smudging, water-based ink which is formulated to sustain a long cap-off time. The long-wearing .4mm tips are encased in metal allowing for hours of writing, drawing, sketching, and use with rulers and stencils.
    Featured CanvasSTRATHMORE WATERCOLOR READY CUT SHEETS 500 SERIES 8X10There's no need to cut down larger sheets, and no wasted paper, these sheets of 500 Series Premium Watercolor paper are pre-cut into standard size sheets for readymade frames and mats. The paper is 100% cotton, archival, lignin- and acid-free, and available in cold and hot press finishes. Sheets are packaged in a resealable polypropylene bag, providing protection and allowing the artist to store paper as it is used. Package also includes information and tips on painting to standard sizes.

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