Introducing Peacock Points

Welcome to the NEW Smart Art Box Rewards Program. Collect more Peacock Points to win great prizes and discounts!

How To Collect Points

Peacock Points are collected a few different ways. You can gain points for making an account with Smart Art Box (accounts are separate from subscriptions), or by purchasing items from the Smart Art Box Store. All items, including subscriptions can gain you points!

More methods to gain points will be introduced over time. Check back here or on your rewards section to learn more about how you can gain points!


How To Create An Account

To create an account, simply select the "Rewards Program" tab at the lower right hand corner of your screen then select the "Create a store account" button on the pop-up.

If you already have a subscription with Smart Art Box, USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as the account for your subscription and the Rewards points will automatically connect to the subscription account. If you have any questions or any problems with your account please email our customer support desk at