June 2018 - Brusho Watercolors

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Brusho Watercolor Crystals

Brusho is a one-of-a-kind water-based paint medium. It's super-highly-pigmented, unpredictable and incredibly fun to paint with! Whether you paint with watercolors or are new to art, Brusho is a forgiving medium, best used as a method of painting loose, expressive artwork.

    A Sprinkle Here. A Spritz There. What will you create?

    Featured MediumBRUSHO CRYSTAL COLOURS, 3 PCS (OLIVE GREEN, SEA GREEN, BLACK)Brusho Crystal Colours are amazingly versatile watercolor ink crystals that can be used in a myriad of different ways. Incredibly vivid, vibrant, and brilliant, they open up a world of possibilities for painters, mixed media artists, and crafters of every level, from student to professional. Sprinkle them directly on a wet substrate and watch intriguing organic patterns appear almost like magic. Manufactured in Sheffield, England, for more than 35 years, Brusho Crystal Colours are completely non-toxic and non-hazardous.
    Featured BrushELITE SYNTHETIC KOLINSKY WATERCOLOR BRUSH ROUND 3Elite is the next generation of synthetic watercolor brushes. They perform like genuine Kolinsky; the round shape has a belly for maximum color holding capacity and an amazing point for fine detail work. They also feature a VelveTouch finish handle for maximum comfort.
    Featured CanvasFLUID WATERCOLOR PAPER BLOCK, COLD-PRESS 6” X 8” (15 sheets)Crafted in a European mill that has been making fine art papers since 1618, these watercolor paper blocks are made with paper making machines that are able to operate at very slow speeds, creating a sheet that shares the strength and quality characteristics of more expensive mold made papers. Each block contains 15 sheets of 140 lb. watercolor paper bound on two edges, offering the benefit of both a pad and a block and allowing for easy movement from one sheet to the next.
    Featured ToolNATURAL CYLINDER SPRAY BOTTLE 4OZThis quality constructed atomizer bottle creates a stippled mist which is ideal for many painting techniques. Featuring translucent HDPE bottles with fingertip mister, and a clear over cap. The perfect tool to compliment Brusho Crystal Colours techniques.

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