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May 2020 - Marbling

Featured in May 2020


The art of marbling allows the practitioner an infinite variety of patterns and color combinations that are all unique from sheet to sheet. Besides bookbinding, marbled paper can be used for picture framing, notecards, stationery, collages, origami, and much more. Whatever the surface you prefer, we are thankful that this ancient art form was not lost, and in fact, has resurfaced as an accessible medium to all!


    Easy Marble is a solvent-based paint used with water to create quick and elegant marbled patterns on either flat surfaces or dimensional objects. Just drip, swirl, dip, and done! It adheres to paper, glass, plastic, metal, wax, wood, paper-mâché, polyester, polypropylene, smooth foam, and many other surfaces. These sets feature three 15 ml jars of; Light Blue, Aqua Green and Turquoise; Medium Yellow, Orange and Cherry Red; and Silver, Gold and Black.

    Featured Canvas LEGION STONEHENGE WHITE PAD 5” X 7” | Retail $12.97

    Stonehenge is a 100% cotton rag, acid-free, heavy-weight paper that is machine-made in the USA. This versatile fine art paper offers a smooth, even surface with a slight tooth that resembles vellum. Ideal for a variety of media including etching, silkscreen, drawing, watercolor, printmaking, pen & ink, pencil, or pastel. There are 15 sheets of 90 lb. (250gsm) paper per pad.

    Featured Canvas DURA-BRIGHT WHITE 6” X 6” | Retail $10.00

    New to the Grafix Dura-Lar film line, Dura-Bright White .010” film can be used with a wide range of mediums and techniques, including watercolor and alcohol inks. Strong, smooth, waterproof surface, wipeable, heat resistant, and fun to use. Grafix Dura-Lar® is the Acetate alternative. This polyester film combines the best features of Mylar® and Acetate to provide a highly versatile film.

    Featured Medium SPECTRUM NOIR ARTLINER 3PK | Retail $8.95

    ArtLiner is a range of fine line pens for sketching, outlining and coloring fine detail. They come in various line widths, along with a fine brush point that is perfect for creating beautiful hand-drawn lettering. Each ArtLiner pen is filled with high-quality ink that’s been specially sourced from Japan, resulting in a silky smooth feel, with even coverage and pin-sharp accuracy. ArtLiners are completely smudge-proof with alcohol ink, which will give you perfectly crisp, detailed outlines when illustrating with markers. Whilst their artist’s grade micro-pigments ensure outstanding light-fastness, for color that won’t fade.


    This 4” bamboo skewer is perfect for creating patterns in your marbling process. Use it to guide the colors in the water and create a variety of designs. It can also be used to gather excess marble paint from the surface of the water between projects.

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