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November 2018 - Oil Painting

Featured in November 2018

Oil Painting

Scientists have studied van Gogh’s paintings from periods in which his mental illness was at a peak, and found that the artist intuitively used a property known as luminance, which measures brightness. Suggesting perhaps, that he was able to see nature’s fluid turbulence, and captured it in his paintings by creating a technique that is now unmistakable. This month we challenge you to create a van Gogh inspired painting!

    Brush down for Oil fun!

    Featured MediumRIVE GAUCHE OIL COLORS (4PCS) - TITANIUM WHITE, CADMIUM YELLOW MEDIUM, COBALT BLUE, HOOKERS GREENFor both professional and student artists, this modern oil paint formula boasts a quick drying time, making them a good choice when painting multiple layers. While another titanium white may take more than a week to dry, Rive Gauche dries in as little as five days – almost twice as fast! Made with safflower oil, these oil paints are less prone to yellowing than brands made with linseed oil. Rive Gauche Oil Colors have a high pigment concentration, which allows for strong covering power and cleaner mixes. These oils have a thick, uniform texture and very good lightfastness. Luminous and opaque, they dry to a satin finish. Even the cadmium-free colors deliver an opaqueness and luminosity that's equivalent to real cadmiums.
    Featured Medium Pouring AgentSENNELIER GREEN FOR OIL MEDIUMInvite nature into your oil paints! Green For Oil is part of the "bio-solvent" family, a safer, greener alternative to traditional solvents. Traditional organic solvents are highly effective, but concerns have been raised regarding their volatility and petroleum-based origins. This is why Sennelier has developed eco-friendly solvents with their new GREEN FOR OIL range. They respect sanitary and environmental standards, as they have been created with sustainable development in mind. Their main features are the same as those of traditional solvents therefore the end product is just as effective. Also speeds up drying time and adds shine to your paintings.
    Featured ToolSNAP LONG HANDLE WHITE SYNTHETIC TAKLON BRUSH - FILBERT 4Ideal for oil and acrylic, these long handled brushes have white synthetic bristles secured to a wooden handle with nickel ferrules.
    Featured CanvasAMPERSAND ARTISTS PANELS (2PCS) 8X8, 6X6These panels feature an ultra-smooth finished surface that is great for oils, acrylics and mixed media. A warp-resistant, non-flexible alternative to canvas, the panel is made of top quality 3/8" MDF with a smooth acrylic coating. The surface allows for fine brushwork and palette knife painting. It is also perfect for mounting papers, prints and canvas. The uncradled panels feature slots on the back for easy hanging.

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