November 2019 - Mixed Media Acrylic

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Mixed media creates new opportunities to explore beyond typical mediums and integrate different materials using methods that allow your art to be expressed in new exciting ways. This month we bring you an assortment of fluid acrylic paints and acrylic mediums that can inspire the use of new techniques, and allow you to explore the growing world of mixed media painting!

    Mousse Down For Mixed Media Fun!

    Featured Medium ACRYLIC MAT PUB DISCOVERY SET | Retail $19.95

    Acrylic Mat Pub is an extra-fine, cost-effective acrylic paint with a low viscosity that comes in highly concentrated, covering and adhering colors with an ultra-matte finish. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor artistic and graphic applications, such as mural painting, covering dimensional textured surfaces, lettering, washes and dilutions. This Discovery Set contains five 30ml refillable plastic tubes with a fine nozzle for writing or fine-line applications in the following primary colors: primary yellow, carmine red, ultramarine blue, permanent white and ivory black. AP certified.

    Featured Medium MARABU ACRYL MOUSE (LILAC, CARIBBEAN, ROSE PINK) | Retail $17.97 ($5.99 EACH) 

    Acryl Mousse is a soft acrylic medium with a light, fluffy, sandy texture that dries to a matte finish. Use it as a ground for pastels and watercolor, or to add interesting texture to mixed media. Blendable with other acrylic or water-based mediums, or with dry pigments. Work it like a relief paste through stencils, create marks and patterns, or make raised highlights on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, and wood. 100 ml tube.

    Add-On Medium MARABU SILHOUETTE STENCIL - FRAMED LEAVES, 15CM X 15CM | Retail $6.99 

    Silhouette Stencils are durable, laser-cut, PVC-free stencils and masks in an array of beautiful shapes and designs that enhance the beauty of negative space. Ideal for DIY fashion, scrapbooking, art journaling, and mixed media. Use with your favorite paints or relief paste on paper, canvas, fabric, wood and many other surfaces.

    Featured Canvas CANVAS PANELS, 2PCS, 8” X 10” & 5” X 7” | Retail $4.30 

    These canvas panels are great for lighter paint applications, quick studies, practice and class projects. The unbleached 3 oz. cotton is primed with acid-free acrylic titanium gesso to a finished weight of 8 oz. and is wrapped around an acid-free recycled paperboard core. Suitable for use with all acrylic paints, oil paints, and other wet or dry media.


    Royal & Langnickel synthetic sponges are ideal for creating decorative faux finishes, sponge painting effects, stippling, and staining. Also great for tile, pottery, ceramics, walls and more. Use the sponge with acrylics, oils, watercolors and fabric paints or dyes. Whether you are painting, scrapbooking, working with textiles or ceramics, a sturdy sponge has many uses!

    Featured Tool PRINCETON ART & BRUSH CATALYST CONTOURS | Retail $7.95 

    Ideal for oils, acrylics, and water-miscible oils, these contour tools are made out of nylon and silicone that is heat-resistant, solvent-resistant, dishwasher-safe and approved food-safe by the FDA. They work well with plaster, clay, encaustics, ceramics, cake decorating and food crafting. The silicone is easy to wipe clean and is solvent resistant. Clean up in most cases can be done with mild soap and water. Dried paint can be peeled off the silicone surface.

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