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Projects For Everyone

The project’s are unique and cultural. We create projects that give a quick step by step to help those who are new, and guide those that are seasoned. We also provide tips to help new and old artists gain invaluable new skills.

New Medium Every Month

The mediums are curated with the project in mind, but that doesn’t mean you cant’t take them and explore all their other potential as well. Each box provides you with plenty of art supplies to complete many masterpieces!

The Tools You Need

With each medium come the tools to manipulate it and bring out the strength that each style can achieve. We carefully select the materials in each box to make sure you try every medium in its proper and best environment.

Smart art box follow a cohesive theme, each including specially designed step-by-step projects that are unique to each box.

Every month you will explore a new medium paried with carefully selected tools and materials that allow the medium to be experienced in its proper and best environment.

Smart Art Artist's From Around The World

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