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To tell the story of Smart Art and how it came to be, you need to first understand its mission. There were two sparks that lit the fire, which eventually became Smart Art Box.

The first was when Brenda, our amazing Creative Director, volunteered for a charity that provides support for abused children through a creative outlet. She created projects that helped the children express themselves through art. After seeing the joy it brought to their faces, and understanding the value of expression through art, she was inspired to create something that could reach more people.

The second was when Reed, our forward thinking CEO, was traveling in Morocco and saw an art medium that he had never experienced before. A local artist was painting on parchment with saffron oil, a traditional style of art for Morocco that used to be used to communicate secretly during war time. He watched as each stroke disappeared as quickly as it was placed. At the end of the process, the artist lit a match and burned the back of the parchment to reveal the completed painting. He had never seen this done before, and became curious about the many art mediums that exist.

With these two very different experiences, the idea of a project that could help people explore and grow their creativity was born. Since that point, they’ve joined the artistic community in supporting the Arts both domestically and internationally.

Together they’ve built a business with the altruistic goal of helping people explore their passions and empower their creativity by challenging them to try new mediums. It’s common for artists and hobbyists to stick to their favorite one or two mediums. We believe exploring different mediums refreshes the mind, challenges your skills, and allows you the opportunity to perhaps find a new favorite! Passion is the most important aspect of life, we must make time for it, as there will never be time for anything that isn’t planned.